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Full car warranty

3 years / 36.000 miles

Powertrain warranty

5 years / 60.000 miles

Roadside Assistance

3 years / 36,000

Honda Leasing in Miami

Honda car lease allows you to drive a vehicle from a dealership for an agreed upon amount of time and miles, and pay for its usage rather than for the full purchase price of the vehicle.

You make monthly payments to be able to drive the car. The monthly payments are based on the car’s projected depreciation value over the course of lease term.

Many people ask, and some are even afraid to call, thinking that such consultations and services for buying a car have to be paid! I can help you absolutely for free in finding and buying a car, and you sign all documents directly with a dealer or a bank! Each dealer has a Dealer Fee, which you pay in any case when buying, leasing or financing a car! This is what the dealer shares with me!

Alex Damaratski