All my services and consultations are absolutely free for you!

Many people ask, and some are even afraid to call, thinking that such consultations and services for buying a car have to be paid! I can help you absolutely for free in finding and buying a car, and you sign all documents directly with a dealer or a bank! Each dealer has a Dealer Fee, which you pay in any case when buying, leasing or financing a car! This is what the dealer shares with me!

How to correctly and quickly buikd your credit history!

  1. Credit Cards – The easiest and cheapest way, but the slowest. We open “secured credit cards” in three or four banks. Full-value credit cards will most likely not be immediately opened for you; therefore, for starters, cards that are secured by your deposit. The meaning – you give the bank your money, they put it in a special account and within this limit give you a credit card. After a year, as a rule, the deposit is returned to you and you get a real credit card. If possible, open such cards not for 100 dollars, but more (1000-3000 dollars).


Who are Auto Brokers

Who are Auto Brokers:

  • Companies, independent of the official dealerships, helping you save your time and money when buying, financing or leasing a new car.
  • Companies that understand pricing and know the current situation for any particular car (discounts from manufacturers, specials / programs, etc.), which allows them to get the best price for you.
  • Companies that work not with one official dealer, but with a whole network of dealers throughout the country, which allows them to find exactly your car and at the best price.


Credit history!

Briefly about the role of credit history in car leasing!

  1. Credit Rating or Credit Score:

– The higher the credit score, the better the car lease price is. Perfect credit score starts at 720+


Leasing or financing?!

Leasing – long-term cheap rental of a new car! The car doesn’t belong to you, BUT! you have the right to buy it out after the lease term ends or to take it on credit.


Credit for a car without ssn and documents!

Dear friends, I wanted to write a very short article on the topic of getting a car loan for people who have just come to the country and have no documents or SSN yet! There is a lot of info about this on the Internet and in particular in our Russian-speaking groups!

I want to dispel all the misunderstandings of this article! Who will benefit – put likes and save for yourself or fast in groups!